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What is "eIntercom"?

It is a mobile-based intercom, which is used for automating visitor validations. 

If you have downloaded MyGate app, all the visitor validations will happen through in-app notifications. You can either approve or deny a visitor's (Guest/Delivery boys/etc) entry to the society with a swipe of your finger on the phone. This will not restrict your mobility as is the case with wired intercom, where you need to attend the intercom to validate your visitor. If you are out of wifi/internet coverage, you will receive an IVR call to validate your visitor.

And yes....if you don't want to receive these IVR calls on your mobile number, you can dynamically designate any alternate number (Mobile or Landline) as e-intercom number.

When a visitor is  at the gate (cab, delivery boy etc) tell your flat number, the system will reach out:

1. All the members of the flat, who have installed the app, will hear an in-app notification ("tring-tring") two times. Any member in the flat can approve or deny.  If a member has approved or denied, other members will know who has taken the action.

2. If there is no response to the in-app calls after 40 seconds, the system will dial a voice call. It will go to the number designated as "e-intercom" number of the flat. 

3. In case the voice call is also not answered, the guard at the gate will try to reach you through the wired intercom.