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How to Input Invoice Amount in the Template?

a) To input the amount for an invoice when the charge type is General Charge:

1. Set amount based on type: To charge an amount for each type for example, 1BHK, 2BHK, 3BHK etc, use this feature. Flat type details need to be updated from the backend.

2. Set the same amount for all: To charge the same amount from all flats, use this feature.

3. Download and upload: If the amounts are different for each flat, then you can upload the amount by clicking on the Download option to download the excel format and then upload the same by clicking on Upload option.

Click on Save

(b) To input the amount for an invoice if the charge type is Square feet-based:

a) You can select “Set same rate for all” to input per sq ft amount and the system will calculate the amount based on the sq ft area updated in each flat database. The area will be visible in the column “Area” and other appropriate details. 

Click on Save.