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How does MyGate help in better domestic help management?

Community security is dependent on residents actively participating in it. MyGate is a platform where residents can contribute to the community security as well as get benefit from the enhanced security. As a user you can start with adding reviews in MyGate for domestic helps employed in your flats, which will help other community members in knowing about a person before hiring her. Below are some FAQs about MyGate related to domestic help management. 

How can I review my domestic help?

Residents can review any domestic help employed by them. Just go to Household -> My Daily help -> Click the star icon on the respective daily help’s card. This rating/review will be visible to your fellow community members and help them when they are hiring a domestic help.

Can I check domestic help ratings and reviews before hiring?

Before hiring, a resident can search for the maid in MyGate app and check her profile. Her profile has rating and reviews given by other residents, and also shows if the the domestic help has been marked for any disciplinary issue. Find more details about hiring here: Can I hire domestic helps through the app?

If I fire my domestic help, will his entry to the society be stopped?

If all the residents who have employed the domestic help fire him/her from the MyGate app, his/her entry code will immediately loose access to the community at the main gate.

Can a resident fire a domestic help citing disciplinary action in MyGate? 

Yes, a domestic help can be fired for disciplinary action by the resident. The domestic help's profile will then display a flag saying disciplinary action reported. 

Will other residents get to know if I have fired for disciplinary issue?

The disciplinary action flag will be visible on the profile. MyGate can also inform about the domestic help to all the residents who have employed the domestic help. This setting can be configured on request by the society.

How can the admin block entry of domestic help?

The society admin can see disciplinary cases in "Disciplinary Issues Report". The admin can suspend the entry code of any domestic help. When suspended, the domestic help will not be able to use her six digit passcode to get entry to the society. 

Can the MyGate system be used to block re-registration of blocked domestic helps?

The MyGate system can block any new registrations using the same mobile number or ID number. This action requires a formal communication from the community admin,  post which MyGate will block the phone number and ID. Based on community request we can also share the blocked profile information with other nearby communities, so that they can take necessary action.